Mountain View History Museum / -Vision Statement
To preserve and celebrate the multifaceted history of Mountain View for present and future generations by showcasing the natural environment and human experience through the setting, exhibitions, programs and collections while providing an active community learning center that links our past to our future.

To establish and maintain a permanent local history and cultural education center relevant to the Mountain View area.

Community Benefits
Provide the community with quality educational programs about local history.

Provide proper storage for written and photographic historical archives and make them accessible to the public for research.

Provide proper exhibition space for permanent collections and changing exhibits.

Provide space for museum and community meetings, lectures and events with kitchen facilities and a gift shop.

Encourage pride and community awareness for the residents of Mountain View.

"What is the city but the people?"
- William Shakespeare
Our new storage container, featuring the solar vent system.

Storage container paint crew.

Lowering of the Viscovich Windmill.

Mountain View History Museum
Barney Davidge Associates Illustrations

History Museum & Education Center- Cuesta Annex Site Plan

Aerial Rendering of Cuesta Annex
Showing History Museum

Potential Primary Educational Uses
For History Museum's Educational Center

Teacher and student support for grades 3 through 12 for local history projects & assignments
Grade 4 California History
Grade 5 American History (through 1800)
Grade 8 American History (through World War II)
Grade 11 Modern American History
Grades 7-12 Oral Histories

Opportunities for high school students to meet their community service requirement
House "short courses" for teachers and children
Provide a "Living History" video production area

Establish the Museum as a resource center and value-added component for local educational curriculum

Historical & Educational Amenities

Research and archival work area
Climate controlled archival storage space
Work space for preparation of exhibits
Office space for museum staff
Classroom space for visiting students

"There is no distance on this earth as far away as yesterday"
- Robert Nathan

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