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The Mountain View Historical Association presented a most unusual and fantastic Spring event. It took take place at the Wunderman House, 655 Eunice Avenue on Sunday May 3rd.

The house’s colorful past began in the 1920s when it was built and put into operation as a Prohibition-era speakeasy! Once called the “Blue & Gold Kennel Club,” it was a front for illicit activities. Guided tours of the house, now a private residence, were available during the event—with food, drink, and music on the grounds. It was a different era in Mountain View’s history where the “dolls were loose and the bathtub gin flowed.” Below are a few of the highlights.

Front yard of 1920's Wonderman House

Nick Perry and Marina Marinovich pose dressed in period costumes!
- Photo courtesy of Andrew Quiroz


The Musical Stylings of Regi and Jeff

Mood music was performed on the front porch by Regi and Jeff.

The Wonderman House side yard

The Wonderman house's side yard sports a spiral staircase.

Carriage House and Pool

Behind the main house is the original swimming pool that was built during the 1920's. During WWII the carriage house behind it was used to house military families.

Marina Marinavich sells Cold Beverages to Speakeasy Guests

In 1933 the property was sold to George White who operated Whitehall Distilleries from the property. Despite the repeal of Prohibition the house remained a site of illicit activity.

Living Room

Guided tours were available during the event and attendees were able to view the inside of the house. Pictured here is the living room with its beamed ceiling, old style fireplace and other historic architectural features.

The Basement

The Basement level has a variety of rooms that serve as a reminder of the past. Pictured here is the Private Bar that was once used by speakeasy customers.
- Photo courtesy of Andrew Quiroz

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