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Each city has it's own unique events, people and history. Mountain View is no exception. On our history pages we highlight people and places that should not be forgotten.

The Rengstorff House windmill and pump was donated by Dave Schmitz from his property on Grant Road when the land was going to be sold. Dave acquired the windmill from a home owner on Shoreline Boulevard, very close to the original Rengstorff House site.

The Air King windmill was mail ordered from Montgomery Ward and placed on a wooden structure. Metal structures were not used until after the 1930's.

By placing the windmill next to the water tank house the Friends of 'R' House have completed the original goal of linking the House to Mountain View's early agricultural history. These symbols of the past serve as educational tools for the present.

Picture courtesy of Robert Weaver.

Linda's Drive-in once located on Escuela Avenue at El Camino signaled the beginning of a car culture in Mountain View.

Please follow this link for more photos and history of Linda's.

Linda's Parisian Burgers

Picture courtesy of the Fabulous 50's.

Richard McDonald and Daniel Burke operated a blacksmith shop at 363 Castro Street starting in 1906.

They also built buggies and special bodies for farmer's trucks. The shop provided farm equipment repairs both in the shop and on service calls to the local ranches and dairies, which eliminated the necessity of transporting the equipment into town.

Pictured at left from left to right are Bill Hitchcock, Daniel Burke and Richard McDonald.

The partners also opened the Mountain View Ice and Fuel company next to the blacksmith shop at 379 Castro Street in 1919.

Wood and coal were shipped in by rail and trucks. Ice and fuel deliveries were made to customers in the Mountian View, Sunnyvale and Los Altos areas.

Ice was hauled into Mountain View locations by truck in 300 pound blocks and stored in insulated buildings for cash and carry and delivery to local customers.

In later years, an ice manufacturing plant was built in Mountain View to provide ice for refrigerated railroad cars to aid in the shipment of produce grown by community farmers.

Pictured to the right is Jack Spencer delivering to a local creamery.
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